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Hey Manny, I wasn't offended. Far from it. I was thrilled to share your comment!

Anyway, at the dealer's this morning, he gave me an illustration of 2 injectors in his hand. One new, one used.

He said that even in the absence of any "baroque" injectors, the new injector would respond like this ... {{{spraying his hands wide like this ..... }}}}}}}

And in the old one - its fine, but it sprays like this .... [[[[[his hands gropping the air like plucking blossoms from nowhere]]]]]]

He then went on about the size of the hole in the injectors and why its important to stick with OEM parts and not get other parts, etc, etc ...

Then he leaned back his chair and said "you'd definitely feel a difference in response".

So - I might just think about it .... 2 to 3 needed for the job.
... Kerry

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