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Got MB rebuilt engine $

Ok, I decided to call one of the local MB dealers and get a price on a factory rebuilt M103. I got the info from the Autonation MB in North Miami, FL .

They want $4,200 for the M103 long block, with a $1,920 core charge. So that is in the ball park of what I had heard. Not bad considering what it could last , but they guy said it had 12 or 24 mth warranty, wasn't sure. So what warranty does it have? And are they rebuilt here in the US or in Germany?

So, to finalize my research, worst case scenarios:
1. The motor dies - I spend about $5K for the rebuilt motor and any other misc I need to do the swap.
2. I blow the tranny, and it will cost me about $1400 to get it rebuilt.

Now what about the a/c? I have read in the archives and my book (YES, i got my book - Frank something is the author I think - from AMazon yesterday ) that these W123 have a/c problems... What goes wrong, the compressor?
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