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Thinking same thing

I was thinking the same thing as you 2.6 190E is abit slow onthe responce and there is a small fuel pressure leak somewhere that is bleeding down enought to keep the car from starting the first try in the morning. Thought it would deffinitely help the responce to put in new injectors....WHERE are you finting them for $12! I am seeing about $21-30 each for a 2.6l 190E injector. Maybe difference in car but 50%? In any case, I'd love to get them for $12...maybe the place would have a pair of fuel pumps for less than the $180 each I am finding!
It the least the fuel milage should be increased and at the gas prices we pay it couldn't hurt! I agree that the car has to run better with new injectors over the 11 year old ones I have now. Maybe int he swap I will catch the fuel pressure leak while I am in there!
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