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The problem of foreign oil dependence could be cured, or drastically reduced, with domestic oil research and drilling. Tie that in with biodiesel production and the U.S. would no longer be beholden to unfriendly countries. But that'll never happen at this point for a number of political reasons. China via Cuba will soon be drilling off the FL Keys while domestic policy prevents the U.S. from doing the same. But I digress, that's another argument all together.

As someone with an Ag background, I'd be willing to pay for bio-d if it were within a quarter or so of dino just to support the domestically produced/American farmer aspect of it. If bio-d catches on (and it would seem to be a lot more viable option than E85), Big Oil will get themselves into the bio side of it. But at least the raw materials will be coming from the mid-West instead of the Middle East.

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