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Originally Posted by Craig View Post
I think you are missing the larger point, we do not have energy resources to sell to the developing world, and we are certainly not in a position to produce cost competitive consumer goods, what we do have to sell is technology. We need to take advantage of the only "value added" product we have today. How long is it going to take the U.S. to figure out that they are no longer in the manufacturing business?

Take China as an example, 1.3 billion people with double digit economic growth. They are currently getting 70% of there electrical energy from coal, and a vast amount of the country does not even have electrical power available yet. Do you want them as a technology customer, or do you want them using enormous amounts of fossil fuels in 20 years? How do you think that is going to affect the world energy market? And India is right behind them.

Do you want them all competing to buy "your" oil in 20 years, or do you think we should be selling them state of the art energy technology?

Hint: A Westinghouse Nuclear consortium just signed a deal to sell China four 1000MW nuclear power plants, and China is planning to build 20 more units between now and 2020. The U.S. congress (late 2006) just approved the sale of commercial nuclear technology to India.

I think it's a little late to start selling them "fish."
We are out of the manufacturing business when it comes to producing stuff like cars, radios, etc, etc. No doubt about it. It does seem tricky for me to be selling them the energy technology and let them do with it what they will seeing as how they would now be in a position to replicate the technology with little or no investment and then not be interested in further purchases.
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