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Please Please Help

I have already spent 600 dollars at a reputable shop TRYING to get this fixed!

I have a 92 300e its very clean and has been well taken care of. I just recently bought it from my aunt for my little brother. So its worth Keeping.

Now heres the problem...1 month ago the car started to over heat and radiator fluid came pouring out. I turned on the heater and drove the car to German Auto Center a few miles away w/o over heating it. They replaced the radiator tank and installed a new fan clutch, the old one was not engaging.

Here's the problem. If I drive the car easy OR hard and then stop By applying the brakes and waiting the temperature will rise and rise. After for 4 or more minutes, leaving the car in D and applying the brakes as stated before it will over heat way WAY past 100 C (to like 110 but I am sure it would still climb) but If I drive the car, the temp. will dramatically fall to 85-90. If I put it in neutral it still will heat up way way past 100 but at a slower rate. If I turn on the AC it will over heat too, but if I am driving it, like on the highway it will not over heat. My question is whats the problem??????

Also when the car is way way too hot it will start off the line very slow in 1st gear until it reaches 2nd and at that point it will drive normally

Cars are not supposed to over heat at a stand still and there not supposed to over heat when the AC is on. Could any one tell me what they THINK the problem is??? I would be greatly appreciated!Here's the problem
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