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CenTex GTG - 3/3/07

OK, now everyone has had an opportunity to vote on a date for the spring GTG at BHF. The most votes went to the 3rd and 4th of March so, I've made an executive decision to have the GTG on....

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Weather permitting, plan on meeting at Berry Hill Farm around noon and we'll have an informal afternoon show and shine. Gassers and post-W126 chassis, you can come too!

Remember, out there at the farm, it's strictly BYOBB (bring your own brown bag) and everything else like lawn chairs or seating...well, I do have water but food and drinks are gonna be your responsibility. So, on the way out, stop in Rockdale, buy a burger or some chicken, grab some refreshments and come on out for some three pointed fun!

This is a no prizes show-n-shine. I'll close-mow a place in the pasture where we can all park, look at each others rides and tell lies. Plus you can say moo to our heifers, ogle my German John Deere and pass judgement on a house of straw. If there's interest in any driving, we could do a late afternoon cruise over to Hanover and then on to Gause or Cameron.

Legal stuff:
We cannot be responsible for your safety. Use common sense and remember, BHF is a working agricultural enterprise in a rural location so there are things that can sting, stick and stink. Please, no pets and if you bring kids, it best to keep them on a leash; otherwise you can buy them back at the Milano livestock auction barn on the following Tuesday at 10:00.

Berry Hill Farm is approiximately 90 miles from Austin. From Austin, the fastest route is to take Toll 1 North to Toll 45 East then go to Toll 130. From there, take Toll 130 North to the Hutto/Taylor Hwy 79 exit. Go east on 79 through Taylor, Thrall, Thorndale, and Rockdale to Milano, TX. Look for FM 3242 (about 1 mile past 36 north). BHF is on the right, about 4.5 miles from Milano. Look for the white sign that says "Colline des Baies".


On the morning of the 3rd, at the FM3242 intersection, I'll set out some straw bales with signs sporting our berry logo. Follow the bales and you'll find the farm.
Never a dull moment at Berry Hill Farm.
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