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This is what I would have done on that day ..

Walk into the dealers' spare-part shop and take the 6 boxes of Bosch injectors at RM50 each ... thats about $12-00. I'd then go to the workshop and fit that in with 2 to 3 hours of labour. The workshops' bill would be about RM20-00, or $6-00.

All this on credit, till I decide to pay the parts shop and workshop - payment terms usually 30 days with implied warranty. That means, if the parts dont measure up, or something goes wrong, someone's not going to be paid until its rectified. But usually its paid coz if it was a faulty part, then the part would be replaced at no extra cost and the labour expanded at no extra charge.

I will then decide and make an opinion on whether it was a good decision to have the injectors changed.

Life goes on.

... Kerry

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