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Originally Posted by tompaah7503 View Post
Interesting reading about the future of biodiesel prices and availability
I just read the first page if that website/blog......there it states "...only 5 percent of the retail stations are owned by the oil companies or the refiners. The rest of them are owned by individual businessmen or women..." that is not an entirely true statement.....the oil companies may not own 95% of the retail stations, but a great deal of them are owned by fuel distributors....and who owns those distributors??

I am willing to bet that you will find all sorts of exclusionary clauses in the majority of retail fuel stations fuel contracts, that prevent them from selling any fuel type product other than what is supplied by the distributor.....or on basic terms....if they sell you bio-fuel, it is as if it were a competitor's product...and will cause the station to lose it's secured fuel supply....thus effectively taking that station out of the business....

In my opinion there will not be any bio-fuel sold to the general public from main stream retail fuel locations......until the major oil companies begin to sell the stuff.....and it is not in their interest to do so....

So from the quoted website....the USA will export bio-fuel to Europe rather than sell it to us US citizens.....


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