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Originally Posted by aklim View Post
What about the oil wells that were "dry" in the 70s and so on only to be pumping again today? Haven't we seen enough preductions of oil running out? I believe it means oil extracted at this level of difficulty with the current equipment that is running out.
As I read this thread you don't want to sell bio-fuel, unless you can make a hefty profit and move the product rapidly.....

And you don't believe that there will be shortages of domestic fuel supplies.....

In my humble opinion.....that is the exact attitude that has gotten the USA into this energy problem in the first place....I just wish folks who are anti change, and do not believe the facts......would be forced to stand behind those who are interested in doing something, no matter how little, and those who support those who are trying....when you want to purchase a tank of fuel for your car or truck......


And someone in this thread said that they were surprised that it has become a politically correct issue......Hah!!!

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