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I might have given you the wrong impression about the air pump.
I did not replace the air pump. Its my understanding that it only works for a short time at startup so should not have any effect. If I had know that the clutch was bad I would of just pluged the vacuum line and not replaced the valve. My car like Ray's was new to me at the time. From the posts I seen here I am getting about the same mpg as everybody else. 14 city 17 Hwy

While I got your attention perhaps you can answer the question I posted Thurs. Should the ign vacuum advance hold a vacuum?
While checking it I got confused. It advances but does not hold a vacuum. I have never seen this before. The ones I have had go bad before would not advance at all. Like the diaphram had a hole in it not a slow leak. I cannot find/diagnose any other problems and I would hate to spend $111.00 to find out I was wrong. Still learning german engineering.
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