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Question New 97 C280 owner has a few ??

Hey everybody! I've been reading this forum for a while and have used some of the invaluable info on here, so thanks in advance! I have a few questions for anyone that has time. (BTW - I've searched the forum for answers, and found some that might relate, so pardon if I'm asking again - I'm a new Benz owner and the car's "M.O." is still new to me.)

I have a "new" used 97 C280 with about 43K. After the car has warmed up and in gear, there's an annoying vibration that goes throughout the car - it's bad enough that it shakes the headrest and the steering wheel. I just had a new fuel pump installed after the car slowly over time became harder to start, then not at all. Looking on this forum I found a few areas which I thought might be related: Engine mounts bad; idle not set right; valves need adjusting; misfiring (?); etc.

Whether in gear or in neutral or park, it's there. With the A/C off it's not as bad, but noticable. Don't get me wrong, the car doesn't shake, but there's a low freq vibration that rattles my teeth. It goes away when I rev the engine or accelerate from a stop. Is this normal? I thought a Benz should "purr" when sitting at a stoplight, not vibrate my spine. A friend siad it might be the transmission.

Any thoughts? And thank goodness for this site! It helped me make a wise decision when purchasing a used C280.


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