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Steering wheel

A few months ago I got into an accident. I accidentally hit curb and lucky enough I was alone. It was really dark around 11:00 on a winding street with
less light. I wish I got better lights bulbs during that time. Anyway I brought
the car the following day to the shop to find out what the damage. I know for sure that it needs new alignment. Others parts need before the alignment
was the tie rod bar or center link? I got the parts repalce alignment and 2
new tires in the front. After driving for a while I felt something had change
on the handling. Everytime I make a whole turn left or right I can the steering
some what would just fall on it's side like the tires are so heavy for the steering
handle. Is this normal or it's just me? I never felt this before on my C280.
Anyone experienced this before? Your inputs are highly appreciated. Thanks
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