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The only thing a break-in oil is for is seating the rings, and since chrome-molly compression rings don't "seat" like cast iron ones do, not longer critcal. If you look at the profile of MB rings, you will notice that none of them have a sharp edge like older cast iron ones had. All flat-faced with radiused edges.

If you can find a real break-in filter (they filter much smaller particles than regular filters), use it, but not for more than 100 or so miles -- low oil flow since they are so "tight".

You will be fine if you use standard oil -- synthetic is a waste! -- and drive a couple hundred miles, no more, before changing it after a rebuild.

You do, after 50 miles or so, want to climb a couple steep hills at low speed in high gear, though -- makes sure the rings seat well, as if the don't seat pretty quickly, they may not. Refering to the oil control rings here --- !

Initial oil consumption may be high -- once it goes down to normal, you are home free!

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