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Smile ABS Light after applying brake -90 560SEL- Solved

The ABS indicator lamp goes out when I start the vehicle and it comes on when I depress the brake pedal for the first time and stays on after that. I have checked the OVP Relay. Voltage is not undervoltage (13.8V). The Solenoid Valve Relay in the Hydraulic Unit is closing and is remaining closed even after the light comes on. The service manual doesn't cover this condition in the troubleshooting section and the tests that it calls out requires a special test set. Any guesses on what can cause this failure or any tests that I can run. Thanks, John

Edit: Heres how I solved it.
I found a post on another forum where someone had the same problem and they found it to be a brake light problem. So I checked the brake lights and sure enough I have one out! But why didn't the exterior light failure lamp light up? Because the ABS lamp and the exterior light failure indicators were swapped in the instrument panel. The previous owner probably had a dash light replaced and the indicators come out pretty easy. They probably just put them back in where they thought they went.
One of the clues that should have helped me was that the Solenoid Valve would not have remained closed if the ABS sensed a failure. It would have shut the hydraulics off.
I have to believe that the person with my same problem also had the indicators swapped and never knew it.

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