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Hello Gilly,

Thanks for getting back with me, and trust me I know what a messy basement looks like. I have Mercedes parts all over the basement, since my car supposed to be at the shop to be painted, and I took every possible part of my Benz so the guy does a good job with it.
I think I didn't express myself right when I said that my car would start with the fuel pump relay off.
When I turn the ignition on, my fuel pump runs with the relay in the socket, but the pump will not run if I take the fuel pump relay out of the socket.
The engine runs with the fuel pump relay off but only for ten seconds until it runs out of fuel.
With the fuel pump relay in the socket my spark plugs get soaked with fuel, the engine floods and it will not run.
I hope I described the problem right, I think you can tell that I'm German and sometimes I have communication problems.
By the way I suppose to go to Germany ( Stuttgart ) within the next four to six weeks and if I can return a favor to you or Benzmac, please let me know.

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