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Yes, that helps somewhat.
I would now begin to suspect possibly the frequency valve. The warm up compensator I don't believe would actually make the engine stop running due to rich mixture, possibly just make the engine idle too fast. But the frequency valve can really "foul" things up.
I would check that with the fuel pump running you also have battery voltage to the frequency valve. The frequency valve is on the drivers side of the intake manifold next to the air intake for the throttle body. The power supply wire to the frequncy valve is black with a red stripe and white dashes, or possibly on a 80 it's black with a red stripe and white stripe. This is fed, as I mentioned, from the fuel pump relay, socket 1 on the connector. Next I would check for continuity from the other wire on the frequency valve, brown with a green stripe, back to the CIS control module socket 15. Sould of course be less than 1 ohm resistance. You should also check either end of this wire for a short to ground or power.
The CIS control module provides the ground for the frequency valve. It is critical for the mixture preperation that this is carried out without any outside influences.
If the wiring itself is checking out OK, then what I would suggest doing is making up a test harness for the frequncy valve, ground on one side and the other side tap to an underhood voltage source (or just use a second 12 volt battery) to see if the frquency valve can be heard and/or felt to pulse at all. You of course could try another approach, such as seeing if disconnecting the connector for the frequency valve allows the engine to run with the relay installed.
If I am on the right track, and the wiring seems to be in order, then I would suggest that either the frequency valve or CIS control module is ultimately at fault.
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