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NXT offers the best shine, depth, and gloss for the price. It really boldens dark colors and conceals light surface spider-web micro-scratches. No white residue.

However, I have also used Zaino and while it is a little more labor-intensive than NXT the rusults are well worth it... It makes my paint 10 times richer looking and the gloss is insane. It also conceals spider-web micro-scratches and is super durable. No white residue. I have also noticed that the Zaino lasts longer and retains its boldness and gloss longer than the NXT wax.

I reccomend them both!

NXT- Super easy application, super deep gloss and richness. The best over the counter wax by far, esp when used as a follow up coat over Meguiars Color-X.

Zaino- More involved, but offers same visual qualities as NXT but even more gloss and depth (at least from my experience).

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