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I replied to this earlier this morning and it got lost. Too bad cause I spent some time with it.

I didn't mean any harm by my comment, but I had just got off the road, returning from a half day seminar on late model MB diagnostics. I had to get up at 5 to drive 100 miles to Orlando and I was probably a little more sensitive to concept of random speculation.

The ending sentence was writen in haste after I wrote a paragraph starting to list the possible leaks. As I sat there contemplating it came over me and I erased it and declared the I wasn't going to speculate. If I could have expressed my mood better I would have tried to sermonize on my favorite gripe about this channel.

That being once I have spent some length in posts describing diagnostic technique, to see the thread continue on in random speculation: my car is blue so it most have been the wizbang senario.

Please excuse me I'll get over it.
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