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euro engine size ?

Is there any way to verify engine type in my 450 SE other than the engine # ? I'm assuming the euro's are numbered a little differently than american. I'm being told by my mechanic that I have the wrong fuel injectors for a 4.5 liter. He said check the engine #. If it starts with 117, it's a 4.5liter. If it starts with 116, it's a 3.5 liter. After 3 days of searching, and you guys' help, I found the number and I'm still confused! My # is 116 983 12 025131. In my Chilton repair manual the only two numbers it remotely matches is the american 450 SE (#117.983) and the 380 SE (#116.963). Does anyone out there happen to know what the heck mine is?! It seems to run fine, but I don't want to have the wrong injectors! I haven't had this car long, but know the engine has not been changed, and my mechanic seems to think the injectors that are in it are original. Any help is greatly apperciated!

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