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Question Genuine Bosch rebuilt injectors (Diesel) – Poor Quality?

Never assume anything...

I recently diagnosed my hard-to-start problem as a loss of pressure (fuel bleed down) in the injector lines. Since my injectors are less than three months old, I assumed that the problem was elsewhere. I subsequently replaced the brass o-rings underneath the delivery valves in the injection pump to eliminate potential leakage at that source. The engine idles _ever_so_slightly_ better, so apparently there was some leakage in one or more of the o-ring seals, yet the starting problem was not resolved.

When I pulled the injectors out to check the engine compression, it turns out that two of the injectors leaked so badly that I could see that the ball pins in the pre-chambers were wet with fuel. One of the other injectors has a small amount of external seepage as well. This points to some serious quality control issues. Three injectors out of five are bad – that’s ridiculous. I'm curious what other people's experiences have been with genuine Bosch brand rebuilt injectors.

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced these quality control problems, or conversely, please chime in if you have had success in using them. I'd like to get a feel for whether this was just an isolated case of someone having a bad day at the factory or if there is a consistent problem. I'm a little gunshy at this point about having blind faith and just installing a new set of injectors. If it turns out the other people have had these problems, I'll obtain the new set under warranty and send them to a diesel service shop to have them pressure checked before installing them -- however I don't want to go through this extra expense if it's unnecessary.

I appreciate anyone's replies to this inquiry. Thanks in advance!

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