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Gilly and anybody else who has a brainstorm for me.

I checked both wires from the frequency valve today and the reading was 2,7 ohm resistance, then I tried to start the car with the frequency vale unhooked, but the car would not start. Then I disconnected the CIS control module and the frequency vale, but got the same results. After that I hooked the frequency valve back up and just left the CIS module disconnected and still the same. But when I take the fuel pump relay out, the car starts running again, even with the frequency valve and the CIS control module disconnected.
I also tested the fuel pressure today, and between the warm up regulator and the fuel distributor on the control pressure line, I received a reading of 2,0 bar while starting the car. When I checked the pressure between the fuel distributor and the injector on the first cylinder my reading was 4,2 bar while starting the vehicle.
Are this the right values for my vehicle ?

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