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Even more info

Well the good news is it is running. I will tell you exactly what I did just in case this happens to someone else but it really makes no sense to me. First of all I pulled the spark plugs to see if I was getting gas in all four cylinders. Next I check for spark. Now mind you I had to take off both coils to get to the spark plugs. While taking the coils out I made sure to put them on the shelf in the same order that they were on the car. After spark and gas checked out I put everything back together but the coils I put on the opposite of what they were. I figured if it was the coil that was producing the code P0302 that I would now get a code of P0301.

I hook up my computer to it and start it up. It starts up about as rough as it did before. I put the car in neutral and this is where I start to notice a difference. I can actually press on the gas and it response to it. WOW So I then take the RPMs up to 2500 and let it sit there for about 10 min. All the while I am getting 0 codes. I shut it down and re-start it back up.. Bingo.. Itís idling just fine.. Took it out and spun around the block a few times starting off really slow then faster and faster. Not sure if running it in neutral at 2500 had anything to do with it but before I switched the coils around I couldn't even get it to do that. Maybe the connection on the coil was bad? not really sure at this point.

The car starts up fine this morning. On my way to work I notice that it hesitates when I step on the gas. It seems to do this until it warms up completely.
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