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The cam damage is something of a mystery. I did not have any symptoms that would have led me to think there was something wrong with the cam. I originally took the valve cover off to replace the valve guide seals due to very high oil consumption. Prior to pulling the cover I ran the engine to operating temp and then ran a compression test. All cylinders were in the 170's at least indicating good rings and valve seats.

Being that I've only had the car for about 2000 miles, bought it from a friend who bought it at an auction, I know very little of its history. In fact it has a TMU title (true mileage unknown) due to the very common odometer being inop. From the carfax I've been able to estimate that the car probably has 130k to 150k based on 10k to 12k per year added after the last reliable mileage report on the carfax. That story told, I don't think this car has been starved of oil. It has good oil pressure, only 3 of the cam lobes are bad and I can find no other damage in the head.

So I guess I was hoping to find some info on whether this was a common problem for the 103 head. You reference early cam issues in your note, these are not mentioned in my 300e bible (which is my only historical reference for this car other than this forum), so was this kind of damage common in this vintage 103 motor?


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