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Thanks Mike and estimate, long story short. retrying X92 got it to work right, nebie I think. No errors and got used to reading ratio. Getting the ratio was tricky, I think because the EHA was a little too rich. to get 10% between idle and 2000, I had to go to about 60% on my dwell meter 4cyl scale. I think the meter reads low because when I drop rpm from 2000 to idle, % freezes for a second or two at 45%, exactly midscale on the dwell meter. The meter has different scales for 4,6,8 cyl, but 8cyl scale reads 1/2 of 4cyl: 30%. Any help anyone as to dwell reading to %?

Finally found a good thread on the EHA and found the current at +.35+-.1. Scarry business the first time. 1/8cw made it worse: %up to 70%. Then went 1/4ccw (and found it easy to loose track of where the little allen screw was)

This worked good and tried another 1/8 to find for sure I had over shot the right place and started the 1/8 steps back. Each time you have to readjust the idle and 2000rpm ratio to <10%. The common point moves as you adjust the EHA. Mine had a sweet spot when the EHA was finally at 0+-.1, the ratio at 2000 magically fell exactly in the middle of the idle ratio.

Is that a good clue of when the EHA should be adjusted? When you adjust the idle ratio to 50% and the 2000 ratio is different and outside of the range of the change at idle???

End result: success. The resulting idle came in at 600 to sometimes 650 and timing is about 15 (If I remember right, its been a few days) with vacuum. Its been cold here so I'll check this again when weather is better.
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