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Cool EHA settings

Just-n-time here, today I spent time checking out the voltage on the eha and found it to be quite different than the settings I was told it should be at.
Settings on the digital meter 20 volts DC.
setting the meter in series with the brown wire black stripe at the EHA,I had
a reading of 4.25 cold after it began its warm up say 40C I had -7.43 and after
Eng.was warm it was -9.87 at 2000 it was 4.04 positive.
The allen screw was turned out 1/8th air mix was adjusted and the new readings were,3.89,I pulled the EHA again and turned the allen out 1/8th more
But the eng. would not restart I have moved the 3mm air mix up and down an can't get it to fire up it takes the cold start of fuel and runs till it is gone, but I cant find that spot to keep it running dose any one have any Idea of what I need to do?
1990 420sel

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