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Thanks for the input Benzmac, Tested Coil and all seems to be within specs as given in Haynes manual. looked in and around the air horn/throttle body for fuel leakage with KOEO found no fuel entering. Can spray carb cleaner while running and engine will respond as it should. seems to be leaning out or way out of adjustment tried all of the tests in DIY and since Ca. emissions cannot read codes. Cycles at terminal 3 actually reads 22 to 27.
Voltages at EHa read high 7.5 If I read correctly it is a 5 volt system. used two OVP relays both do the same thing system seems to be operable But way too lean in intermediate acceleration Have no readings on Ca. emissions Could Steve help??? P.S. Fuel distributor came off of an '85 2.3 that was running alright but changed the EP actuator to over to my 86 cause it was doing the same thing. Fuel pressure?? how do I test??? Fuel pressure regulator??? Note: pump is new but aftermarket saw a post about this after I bought it. again thanks
Donnie hope to hear from you soon. J.Miller
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