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SL320 - Two Issues

First Issue:

The right passenger window on my '95 SL320 (r129) has started to squeak/creak whenever I travel over bumps or dips in the road -- only occurs when I have the soft-top up or the hard-top on (I only recently noticed the noises when I mounted the hard-top on the car a few weeks ago - with the top off, there are no squeaks/creaks even if the window is fully raised). As an interim solution, I simply lower the squeaky/creaky window a quarter inch before driving the car, which seems to elminate the problem (by lowering the window, the glass only makes partial contact with the rubber/felt lining in the roof). When I called my dealer regarding the squeaks/creaks, my service advisor suggested that I drop the car off to have the hardtop and soft-top adjusted. When asked how they would adjust the tops, my service advisor said he didn't know for sure -- which, as you can imagine, was a little disconcerting. Does anyone know if it's possible to adjust the tops or even if the tops are the source of squeaks/creaks (could it be the windows themselves?) I'm really hesitant to have the roofs adjusted as both tops are water tight (I don't want any dealer adjustments to cause future water leakage problems).

Second Issue:

My dealer recently installed a new brake booster, master cylinder, rotors and pads (fortunately, my car is StarMarked so I didn't have to pay out of pocket for any of the foregoing) -- I must say, the brakes work really well. However, after the new brake components were installed, I noticed that there's a new plastic panel that protrudes from underneath the dash panel (the panel right above the brake and gas pedals). The panel has a large sphere-shaped mound that's aimed downward and faces the brake pedal. The problem is whenever I step on the brake pedal, the tip of my shoe rubs against the plastic protrusion. I don't recall the mound being there before I had my brakes serviced -- when I asked my service advisor about the mound, he simply said that it was a lower dash panel that was hanging too low. The dealer had a service tech re-hang the panel (to push it upward), but it still protrudes from underneath the dash and my shoe rubs against it whenever I use the brake pedal. Now my service advisor is telling me that they can't do anthing about the mound, and that the protrusion is normal for a car of my "vintage". Is this correct? I don't think it is -- in fact, I suspect that the dealer installed a panel from another model because the new panel doesn't match the fit or finish of the other plastic parts underneath my dash (all the other parts have a matte finish, while the panel with the mound has a glossy pastic finish). Also, when I compared the underdash panel against my neighbors SL500, it looked totally different (no mound, just a simple flat surface). Is it possible that the dealer installed the wrong panel on my car? It looks exactly like the underdash panel on my sister's E320. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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