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Thumbs up did I get a good deal on my 300E (hehe) + Q's

I just bought a 87 300E with 160K on the clock, rebuilt trans for... (get this) $2,000. I know I got a screaming deal, the leather looks as good as new, original owner, back seats never sat in. The owner was going to give it to charity, lucky I talked them into selling it to me.

I noticed when driving it home (800 miles away), that when I allowed the car to decelerate, then immediately tried to accelerate, it would act like it had a slight hesitation before picking back up the speed. I'm thinking the fuel pump has seen better days. Is this a correct assumption? Of course I have yet to put in fuel injection cleaner, but do the fuel pumps on these things tend to go out at this mileage? Thanks in advance.

87 300E 160K
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