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Hello Gilly, Steve and everybody else who follows this forum,

Today I tested the continuity at the brown with green stripe wire from the frequency vale to the CIS control module socket # 15 and it was 0,9 ohm.
Then I checked the continuity between the black and white wire on the frequency valve and socket # 15, and it was 3,079 ohm.
Next thing I tested was the resistance between socket # 1 and the black and white wire from the frequency valve, it was 0,7 ohm, and the value between # 1 socket and the brown and green wire reads 0 ohm.
Then I made up a wire and connected it between the plus pole at the battery and the male plug where the black and white wire from the frequency valve connects into. when I then hook up ground to the other pole from the frequency valve I can hear a click from the valve, but only one time when I connect ground to it.

Is this the way it supposed to be and is the resistance correct on my wires ?

Thanks for your help everybody.

If I ever get done with this car, I can probably write a book about it.

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