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Smile retest in am

Originally Posted by garymand View Post
"EHA idle -.00 to +.01" Wow, great right meter setting

"EHA 2000 -.01 to +.08" Again just about right

"X11#3 10MA setting .2 to.5 slow rise and fall" OOPS. Should be volts, about 7.0Volts

"X11#3 10MA setting .02 to.06 very slow rise and fall with a very long pause between movement." I'm surprised the meter in MA didn't short the signal and hurt something, Must be a well engineered test point. Someone must have told the designer a guy named JNT would hook a current meter up to measure volts.
"Thats it how did I do?" 50/50?

Do it again measuring the voltage at pin 3, Idle and 2000 for the 10% difference. Hopefully its close to 7V. At least, adjust it to get the 10%. Lets look around and ge the voltage right. The formula I saw was (1- (pin 3 / pin 4). ie., 7/13.8 = .5. 6/13.8=.43 1-.43=.56
Yes I will I may have done this my page of numbers is full of scratch marks looks like a chicken ran north south east and half way west, I have some reading here in volts DC @ 10 and it is 6 to I cant read the others so I will heat it up in the am and make sure of the job.j-n-t
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