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84 300cd intermittent starting

I recently have had some starting problems with my 84 300cd:

The first time it happened, the car wouldn't turn over at all after a fill-up--had it towed, replaced the ignition switch, all seemed to be fine for a few weeks (10-20 starts).

The second time it happened, i drove it for a long distance (200 miles), arrived, and then proceeded to try to start the car again to run an errand--no turn over. I had the starter replaced with a rebuilt bosch unit, and everything was fine for about 5 days (again, 10-20 starts).

The third time happened i drove back the same distance (another 200 miles), parked, and i tried to start the car again away--no turn over.

However, 2 hours later the car started, no problem.

Now, when i use the car, it fails to turn over about every 5 start attempts--mostly after I've driven it somewhere. But, if I leave it sit and come back to it (10-15 minutes), it starts strong, no problems. The first two times i had problems, there was no way to get the car to turn over at all, hence, the replaced parts.

I'm pretty sure it's not the neutral safety switch--i've tried starting in every gear as well as moving the shifter while i try to start. Also, to my knowledge, there's no starter relay.

Is there something simple i'm looking over?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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