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Although others have already replied, I'll add my $.02 since you asked me. I didn't set the 300D on stands while I was changing the motor mounts. The springs are very stout on a heavy diesel motored car, and I was amazed at how much lift there was in the suspension before the engine lifted away. There is lots of room to work on a nonturbo 300D and I'm small enough (6'1" and 185 lbs) that I can usually crawl under the car and do what I want without a lift.

Access to the inboard hold down bolts is easy after you lift the motor an inch or so and slip the shields out of the way. The 123 diesels (nonturbo) are about the easiest motor mounts I've run into. I did a 760 Volvo turbo in March and the extra plumbing adds an amazing amount of pain to the job.

Good luck, HTH,

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