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Question Rear Torque Struts '86 300E, Help me Steve, or Anyone

Greetings All,

What a way to spend a weeks vacation, working on the Benz's and lovin every minute of it. So help me out here on my next project. The wifes 300E is in need of replacement torque struts, and I have them in hand as well as the nifty new brass looking sleeves. The rubber bushings are shot on the old struts and from my understanding this is the new and improved strut. Looking at this strut as compared to the old they are somewhat different in design, the new one has a cut out on one end where the old didn't, plus the new kit has two bolts, one longer than the other and a three sided washer. This is not to mention the new brass looking squash sleeve. Where does this all go and how does this affect a Benz that was made back on 12/85 . I am sure my 300E rear end would appreciate the new struts, but how do they go on and where do all the pieces go? Does this improved strut replace the old design and supercede the need to use the eccentric bolt as a toe-in adjustment?
I'd like to do this tommorrow Wed, if you could respond.


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