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thanks guys but the main reason i put up this post is because i was wondering iif i should put the car up on jackstands and then lift the engine(with a jack) since i do not have ramps. i was afraid that this might affect the stability of the car. even though i am built like a blade of grass i still cannot fit under the front of the car even to change the oil , ie drain plug. but i think i shlould be ok since the weight of the chasis minus the the engine should be enough to keep the car on the stands. i only have one car so i have to have things perfectly planned and executed to stay out of trouble. believe me the key to anything is preparation, preparation and most importantly preparation. when i did my brakes for the first time i must have read you guy's post alleast ten times and when i finally did it i was done in about 30 mins including cleanup.
thanks for all the input, your experience is highly appreciated.
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