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Just replaced mine on the 300E tonight

Greetings David,

Annoying sound that dampner makes, isn't it? Didn't figure that was the part making the noise until I think I prodded every part under the hood till I felt the vibration of the shock making a metal to metal contact. A previous poster was right, an o-ring would most likely do the job seeing as it's the top rubber that squishes down enough to allow the metal to make forward contact to the mounting area. I too spent the $22.00 for the new shock and it seemed pretty easy to install. I removed the fan shroud, inner ring first then the actual shroud, easy without anything more than a screwdriver to remove the two clips that hold it in place on the top then lift up. The bottom bolt of the shock can now be gotten to, small hands required or patience. The lower bolt on mine was a 12mm while the top bolt and nut were a 13mm. I loosened the top first so I could extend the shock out a bit and have something to hold onto as I loosened the bottom. Surely the bolt and washer will drop through the bottom of the car on the lower unless you have a steady hand and can pull the shock and bolt out in between the small clearance area.
Installing the new one is just the reverse. Install the lower bolt first, putting it in the hole of the shock and guiding in down until it lines up with the lower hole, then using the socket and a small extension hand turn the bolt to ensure it threads correctly, then tighten. Push the shock shaft down, align with upper mounting hole, install bolt and nut and tighten. Your done and the noise is gone probably for another 100,000 miles. Just guessing on that one, as mine had 162,000 on it and was what looked like the original.

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