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Timing chain stretch measurement/specifications (confused)

Could anyone please kindly look up some information for me?

I'm trying to accurately check the timing chain stretch because the car has 204,000 miles on it & I don't know if the previous owner (the proverbial little old lady from Pasadena) ever had the chain replaced. When I measured using the crude method of looking at the alignment marks, it lines up perfectly. It just seems too good to be true at this mileage, so…

This weekend I checked the amount of timing chain stretch using the dial gauge method. What I came up with was a measurement of 22 degrees BTDC (measured at the crankshaft) at 2 millimeters of valve lift on the intake valve. I rotated the engine through four complete cycles and came up with the same result each time. (Yes, I did remove all valve lash prior to making the measurement.)

According to the service CD as well as prior posts here, specifications call for 11 degrees. This of course *would* equate to 22 degrees at the crankshaft, but unless I'm mistaken the specification calls for 11 degrees *at* the crankshaft. Can anyone confirm what the proper specs are for this car? It is a 1984 300D, California version. It seems pretty far-fetched, but does the California version have a different camshaft than the Federal cars? (To meet pollution regs?)

ANY input from you guys out there in cyberspace is greatly appreciated, as always!

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