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Booster Vacuum Hose hook-up advice

Good morning all,
I've been up all night searching the threads for information and still have some questions. I'll start with only one: I have bought a new Booster Vacuum Hose rather than try to buy "tubing and connections" and trying to make it myself even though I got excellent info from many of you (I'll report progress when I make or pay for some progress....) and will replace other lines myself. A complete booster vac. hose was so easy to buy through my local MB dealer, I truly couldn't resist.
Chilton & Haynes made it sound more complicated and really left a lot to the imagination. The threads I searched didn't have the info (or i failed to find it).
On my '71 250/8, do I remove the old hose by unscrewing the two fittings? Or drain anything first? Anything intuitive here? I'm a step-by-step with no preexisting auto knowledge. On old hose one end attaches to the vacuum servo unit and the other end fits onto the engine's manifold - both ends look like a plumber's compression fitting. It has a valve-thing (sorry, i don't know what it is) in the middle. From the shape and from how the old one lays in I can tell which way to install it. I JUST NEED TO KNOW things like: any rubber gaskets or other misc. hardware go with this hose? and do I stop anything up or turn anything off? Most importantly, how am I most likely to mess this up? and Do I just simply screw this on? How many turns? with a wrench or crank-down by hand? You know, how you'd explain it to your daughter who's really trying to understand and learn.
Written on hose is: (?)IN 73378 - 12,5X1,25 - >PA11PH< Siebe Automotive Germany - Tecalan - 19.06.00 E 005

Remember, I have NO prior mechanical experience or knowledge anywhere near me and I've exhausted the mechanically inclined around me. I can do it if it's simply "remove old, screw on new".
pleeeeese, help!!!!! Sincerely, debi
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