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Exclamation my w126 has window problem.....

Originally posted by jbaj007
It's on the upper rt. arm of the perforated "X" of the scissors of the actuator. An aluminum alloy piece held on to the arm with an anti-rotational bolt. To adjust, loosen bolt, it slides on a diagonal, sort of, and sets a lower "stop", to prevent too much downward movement of window. Check side channels to make sure the veloury stuff isn't too crudded up in the channel itself; perhaps a little white lithium grease on metal sliding/pivot points.

My '89 300SE's driver side window operates normally except
for the final closing, at which point it makes a forced clunk sound.
I thought that maybe the "stop" was faulty, but now I read that the stop controls only the final downward motion.
This sound only happens when the window is raised all the way
up to the point where the window can't go anymore. Now I
slowly raise it until it is snug up top and no air noise comes through.
This approach produces no clunk noise.
Sometimes, there is a clunk as the window comes down only if it was raised too far with the associated clunk noise.

Anybody have an idea of the cause or similar experience?

Thanks !!
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