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Thanks, Steve, for the plug info. I had an old set of H9DC0 Bosch I'd saved from some years ago. I'd marked the box 7000 miles, so that was probably the mileage on them. They eyeballed in great shape, so I put them in this morning. Car still runs great, but the light still comes on. I'll look for the NGK or Beru plugs next week.

David - I'd tried two different O2 sensors, so I don't think that unit is the problem. I'll test it anyway. If the MAS relay controls the CELight through the O2 sensor, that relay is a likely candidate. A friend of mine has an identical car to mine, but with a blown transmission. He 's told me I can borrow test parts from his car as long as I put them back. I think I'll start with the MAS relay, (after I check my O2 sensor).

By the way, when the CELight comes on, does the car go into a Fixed operation mode? Maybe just my imagination, but the car feels differently when the light is on, not bad, but different.

Thanks for the information and advice. I'll post again with the results.

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