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Here are a few more takes on the subject. This is purely from my own personal situation. The car(s) is used in my business. Customers are owners of manufacturing plants. They all, I mean all, drive new top of the line SUV's.
Let's start with my agreement to the most of the other posts relative to engineering, fixability, performance etc.

1) I hate driving what the everyone else drives. I would never drive some plain jane boring car. I mean I do drive our other cares, but yuk.

2) The MB can't be new, because in spite of the fact the owner is driving a 60K vehichle, he will challenge why I am driving a 60K MB. He figures that expense will end up in the cost of my product. I can explain away a 8 - 10 year old MB. I also take great satisfaction from the fact that I am driving, in the case of the S320, a 9 year old car that stickered for 70K and I got for less than 12K. The trick is always to find one with all records and some big hit items repaired in the last several years.

3) I can't drive a really old one because that would cause the opposite result. They would figure that I am not successful enough to afford a newer car.

4) So I stuck with '90 300E, then a '92 300E, and now a '97 S320.

I enjoy doing the routine services, oil, trans service, brake service etc. I don't enjoy or have time for doing major things. Wrench twirling for me, is just a way to get my mind off my work. It also let's me know the job was done correctly, and/or done at all.

I also have found that I have zero interest in servicing our other vehicles. We have a 2001 Chrysler mini-van and a Toyota Tacoma truck. The '92 Sportline is just sitting in the drive. I have lost interest in it. Focus is on the S320, but have pretty much run out of things to fiddle with on it.

Finally, when I look out at the car fleet, the only two I even think about are the S320 and 300E, what great lines!

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