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Thumbs up reset EHA

Hi everyone,worked on the EHA today,I went back in and gave it a turn ccw 1/8th hit the spot. New reading Idle -0.00 to + 0.00 at 2000 I have the same reading. After resetting the air mixture we have Idle 7 to 8 in slow swing this is volt setting DC 10. 2000 rpm is a steady 6.2 volts this is 48 1/2% to 54% respectively.
Now on to the potentiometer, it is not responding to adjustment.after trying to get readings and I am not getting any thing like the numbers that have been posted. I tried to move the pot. and have no change in the Idle. I removed the pot and tried to get ohm readings, this is what I have,
1&3=4.5 ohm@ RX1K
pot arm and wiper 0

200K ko eo
1&3= -165.7
2&3= - 155.1
1&2= -39.6

ko e running
1&3= -166.1
2&3= -89.5 to-130.2
1&2= -78.6 to -80.3 this is again at 200k

DC volt 10
1&2=.7to.8v rapid fluctuation can any of the people who have worked this item give me some hints.jnt
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