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Basically, We just got the 450 manual so we would know what all of the console buttons and stuff do. As far as tune up goes, I'm planning on having a shop do it. If they take it in as a 450, should I just tell them it has a 350 in it and let them tune it to those specs? I didn't get any paperwork with this car to say so, but from what we've found so far, this car has been modified to US standards, i.e. emission controls, american headlights, safety glass, etc. Just for a little useless info, one strange thing we've ran in to is when we went to the german auto specialist and asked for a quart of hydro-pneumatic leveling fluid the guy looked at us kind of strange (he knows what kind of car it is) After a lot of explaining about this huge looking reservoir towards the front drivers side of the engine compartment, he agreed that it was indeed epuipped with a hydro-pnuematic leveling system, but he said he would have sworn that that model didn't have it. Do you know if that's true? or was he just mistaken?
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