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Dakota- I rechecked that sensor, it's in. Thanks for the thought.

Bruno- I should have included this in my orig post. I replaced the OVP appx two years back with the 'new and improved' two fuse OVP. I checked it, no rattles and fuses ok. It could still be this, and I intend on swapping it with a test unit this week.

I have never removed the mixture adjustment tower. I figured because this always occurred during the lambda open loop, I'd leave that as a last resort. The plugs look fine, tan color, no carbon or oil on any. Thanks for your advice.

Question...could this be caused by the water temp sensor? Possibly misreading or slow reading a temperature change? I think the one in the car is the original. Any way to test this?

Other than plugs and distributor cap and rotor, I hate throwing parts at a problem.
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