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Starting Problem 1992 300e

I am having problems on initial start-up with my 300e. The spark-plugs and distributor cap have been replaced without any improvement.
The symptoms of the problem are:-
1) The engine requires a few seconds of cranking when starting in the morning and it does not seem to be affected by ambient temperature. When it does start, it does so slowly, as if running on 1 or 2 cylinders. It then runs normally.

2)If the engine has not been started for some time (3 days or more) it starts immediately and runs normally.

3)Restarting the engine within a few hours after it has run is immediate hot or cool.

4)There is a smell of petrol(gas) at the exhaust tail pipe after a difficult start.

5)The ABS light is operating normally.

I am now suspecting a leakage of fuel into the manifold possibly from a faulty injector.
I should be grateful for ANY experience or suggestions.
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