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Need help: Belt tensioner 300E M104.980


I just replaced the waterpump on my '91 300E M104.980 engine.
(It's the 3.2 litre engine bored out by AMG to 3.4 litres)
That went OK. However when I try to reassemble the belt tensioner mechanism, I'm a bit puzzled. I've gone trough the posts on this subject, but I can't figure out:

1.) How to reinstall the belt tensioner adjustment screw. Is the whole head including the bottom small plate supposed to be above the holding bracket? The bracket has got a semi-size hole with 2 different sixe openings. Is the screw supposed to pull the tensioner wheel up or push it down? Can't remember how it was fitted...

2.) When I try to install it with the bottom plate on the head (bolt) below the bracket, and screwing it clockwise to tension, I cant see it moving at all... The only moving-tensioning I can produce is when I bending the entire tensioner with an allenkey in the wheel centre, hence forcing it to tension or untension.

3.) Also, I cant figure out the scale on the tensioner. I have the triangle scale, but I dont seem to have the pointer arrow to allign it with... My Hayes manual's pictures all show a small point in the centre bolt of the tensioner which is supposedly used to set the mechanism in it's starting position and tightenig it thereafter with the adjustment screw...

Can someone shed some light over this?
I'd surely appreciate it!!


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