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First engine must be reasonably cool. You are going to lose some coolant, so you will also need some of the proper coolant on hand, mix 50 /50 with distilled water. If you have Green Coolant, then top off with Green. Hopefully it has the proper Mercedes Coolant or ZerexG05, sort of amber colored. If it does then use that.

You need a 1/4 ratchet, 6 inch extension, 10mm socket. 3 bolts. Expect the cover to be slightly tight. Tap and twist it free it up. Do not resort to hammering a screwdriver blade in there. Remove the cover.

Notice which end of the thermostat is pointing up. Remove, replace and put is back together using the new rubber O ring. The torque figure of 10nm is no doubt correct, but you would need a torque wrench. I do it by feel. No way to verbalize that to you.

Top off coolant at the expansion tank.

Your temp guage should then be around 1 needle width or so above the 80 degree mark and your engine will be happy.

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