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adhesive recommendations

On older cars the windshield washer squirter was driven by a rubber bulb mounted on a fitting in the footwell. Mash the bulb, drive air via a tube to the fluid bag, that forces fluid to the jet on the hood. The rubber bulb is actually two halves cemented together at their widest point. One of the halves has a large hole which is cemented to an aluminum flange. That flange is how the device is fastened to the bracket that connects everything to the floor. Also, the air emerges from the bulb through the aluminum flange into the tube to the bag.

The rubber bulb on mine has separated intact from the aluminum. I suppose the old adhesive simply dried out. What is the best modern adhesive to fasten rubber to aluminum? It will have to form an airtight seal as well. Also, the circumference where the rubber halves is cracking and there may be pinholes. What is the best goo to use to fill these small cracks and to restore adhesion? The halves have not separated yet, but this is not far off.

Suggestions received so far include: Weldwood Contact Cement, Goop, RTV Silicone.

Thanks. I'm placing this on the Vintage list as well.
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