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I used to get a little concerned prior to a long trip with an older car. Then I decided that the total local milage I drove was many, many thousands of miles with no trouble. So other than a quick check of belts tires etc I just go. Percentagewise if the car has been always reliable locally it is unlikely to cause any trouble on the trip. Actually I think we are evaluating the car daily.
The otherside of the coin of course as well should be mentioned. If you have to deal with runability issues on a fairly regular basis locally then why would you go away with the car? The same rule applies if you have a problem that has not flowered yet but is giving an indication it exists. The car has already proven it is not reliable. Or the suspect problem will probably flair up on the long trip. Just fix it before you go.
Any problem or suspect problem is far less expensive to fix before you leave mind the pain and loss of time etc on the road. On older mercedes inspect your rear axel boots once in awhile as well. All fluid levels etc. The rear cv joints seem to curse many people on long trips. So look for leaks there or badly cracked boots.

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