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Donnie, MBDoc, I need to replace my harness?

I picked up my 500E from the shop today after having some minor imperfections with the paint job taken care of...

Upon starting the car, it seemed like it was sputtering. It went away after i left it idling 'til it reached operating temps (around 85 degrees). After driving it for a while, and upon getting caught in stop and go traffic, I noticed that:

(1) some lights on the dash which weren't supposed to be lit, were (i.e. a/c louvre wheels, seat heater controls, window controls--i think, don't clearly remember--and some others)

(2) engine was sputtering again, but was okay after 2000rpm or so...taking off from a stop was difficult as a result, but was okay once under way

(3) idle was erratic, almost threatening to shut off at times

(4) tach was erratic, moving from 500rpm to around 1500 (couldn't recall if engine speed was in sync with tach movement--I was too freaked)

Upon getting back to the office, after trying to look for the culprit, I noticed that unplugging the harness from the coolant (blue) sensor (the one that would make the aux fan run continuously if you unplug it) everything went back to normal. Car was running fine, idle was normal, dash lights were off. Drove it for an hour and everything was fine (well, except that the fan was running the whole time).

I'm suspecting either the OVP due to the erratic idle but have stronger suspicions with the engine wiring harness (124 440 20 06).

What do you guys think?

Also, how involved is the wiring harness replacement? The reason I ask is that I know of no one in this country familiar with the 500E (as there are only 2 here). Is this a job strictly for the dealer (which will cost me upwards of $1200 in parts and labor) or can I just pick up the harness from the Parts Shop and have an independent do it? (the dealer only works with dealer supplied parts, some independents here are flexible, especially with expensive parts).

Eagerly awaiting your replies...
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